2020 Interim Remuneration Report

2020 has been a unique year. As we have responded to and navigated the demands of COVID-19 crisis management, the need to do business has persisted. The shape of doing business has changed, not just in terms of how and where we meet our customers but also how our workforce delivers its productivity. People, processes and technologies have all been profoundly affected. In the technology sector, we’ve been much more ready to meet these challenges than most, although doing so has applied pressure to the workforce around demand for skills, remuneration levels, employment agreements and flexible working arrangements. 

Due to the reality of this picture, we made the decision to delay our 2020 remuneration report by six months, giving us time to gather data on the pandemic’s real impact on remuneration levels. As a result, this year’s report serves as a reference document for salary and contract pay levels but with insights on how skills and pay packets are being shifted. Our hope is that this provides support for workers and employers alike to make better informed decisions during this time of turbulence.

Though there have been wide-reaching impacts from COVID-19 throughout the technology sector, many key areas and sub-domains have been resilient to the economic turmoil it has generated, seeing few redundancies and enabling rate and salary levels to either remain stable or experience marginal movement.

We’re sure this report will be helpful over the coming months! Download your copy below. 

If you’d like to discuss the findings of this report, or to speak to one of our specialist tech and digital recruiters, get in touch with your local Potentia team.