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How to review a CV

About over 7 years ago By Potentia

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​If it’s your first time reviewing a CV or you want to improve your efficiency in finding the right information in a CV, consider these 10 steps when reading a CV.

Step one: start with the end in mind

Start with the end in mind. Refresh on the core skill requirements of the role and these in order of importance into ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’. If desired, create a spreadsheet and a rating system allocating scores to people based upon these criteria.

Step two: Print the CVs

Print the CVs and use a highlighter for the reviews. Note initial impression and thoughts down on the paper for review.

Step three: review all CVs in one go

If you have multiple CVs to review, do them all at once; it makes comparisons more effective.

Step four: look for inconsistencies

Look for inconsistencies and time gaps that need to be explained.

Step five: relevant experience

Look for relevant experience, career progression and key learnings the candidate may have gained from seemingly unrelated past roles.

Step six: use of words/language

Pay attention to the use of words, such as involved in, knowledge of, and experience in generally indicate a less than expert level of ability or a team, rather than individual, achievement.

Step seven: achievements listed

A lack of achievements listed doesn’t always mean there weren’t any! But it normally does...

Step eight: CV presentation

Pay attention to formatting and layout if the presentation is important for the role; sloppiness can tend to transcend.

Step nine: sentence crafting

Sentence crafting, words and general articulation indicate IQ but not necessarily EQ. If English is a second language be aware that someone else may have written it.

Step ten: qualifications

Appropriate qualifications can add dimension to the role and person.