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Korero Potentia - Innovation & DevOps


​It was delightful to host the inaugural Korero Potentia event on Innovation + DevOps at our Auckland office on Tuesday 23rd May. The genesis of this conversation series was a direct result of our contractor community wishing to hear from their peers who were engaged in innovative and interesting initiatives in the rapidly evolving technology domains. This aligns closely with our mission to be the most connected and respected technology recruitment business in New Zealand and provides a platform for outreach to our contractor community.

The highly interactive session was delivered to an enthusiastic group of technology contractors by Peter-John Lightfoot, the Principal Consultant at Assurity Consulting Limited. Peter-John is a leading advocate in this space specialising in Lean, Agile, Systems Thinking, DevOps and Sustainable Transformation with significant experience both here and in South Africa with particular interest in Delivery Coaching and Consulting.

Peter-John took the group through Assurity’s recent experience developing DevOps principles to work in an innovation initiative through Agile Methodologies using a Design Thinking approach. The session touched on some of the surprises and gotchas of such a close-quartered cross-functional collaboration and to see how 'The Three Ways' of DevOps provided the secret sauce to bring it all together.

All in all, this was a most beneficial and enjoyable dialogue and we look forward to the next iteration of Korero Potentia. Watch this space!