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Remote Working Video Series: Professional Development

Remote Working Video Series   Professional Development

​It’s no secret that working arrangements are changing. But what does the employment lifecycle look like in a virtual or remote setting? In our video series, Potentia Director, Julian Lambert, sits down with experienced People and Culture Advisor, Vanessa Radich to chat through it from start to finish.

In their latest discussion, Vanessa is back to chat about professional and capability development, and how it differs in a virtual setting. 

Creating Deliberate Opportunities for Feedback

In emphasising the need for creating deliberate opportunities for feedback, Vanessa discusses the importance of structure and having a plan. She talks about ‘saying goodbye’ to annual capability development meetings (which are often just checkbox exercises) and how managers can upskill their capability as a coach. 

Making Time

When managers talk about how much is on their plate, the sub-text that employees hear is: “my manager is too busy, so I shouldn’t bother them today” As a remote manager, if an employee is reaching out to you, it’s important to give them as much time as they need. She emphasises that this doesn’t mean dropping everything, but making the time – whether that is in 30 minutes or later this afternoon! 

Vanessa continues by talking about putting yourself in an employee’s shoes, getting into the habit of creating small social interactions and providing more meaningful feedback (if that is what they need). 

Natural stoppages

What are the things that make employees feel ‘done’ at the end of the day in virtual environments? Is there a natural stoppage (e.g. a partner coming home), or any other signals that can be built in your day?

If you'd like to discuss any of the topics discussed in this video, I'd love to chat - reach out to me here!