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Remote Working Video Series: Mindsets


​​​It’s no secret that working arrangements are changing. But what does the employment lifecycle look like in a virtual or remote setting? In our video series, Potentia Director, Julian Lambert, sits down with experienced People and Culture Advisor, Vanessa Radich to chat through it from start to finish.

A virtual team is just like any other team but because it’s remote, the weaknesses can be much more exposed. In the latest snippet from our remote working video series, Vanessa focuses on some of the mindsets that need to be encouraged.

Creating a Psychologically Safe Environment 

Vanessa outlines some of the critical aspects to creating a psychologically safe environment. Can people speak up if they have something to say? Can they make mistakes? Can they take risks? Does everyone have the same access to information as each other? Does everyone have the same access to feedback and challenging projects?

Inclusive Mindsets

Drawing on her experience with Culture Amp and their inclusion survey, Vanessa highlights the importance of measuring inclusivity metrics – specifically whether people with different identities are having a similar experience within an organisation. 

If you'd like to discuss any of the topics discussed in this video, I'd love to chat - reach out to me here!