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Remote Working Video Series: Monitoring Engagement

Monitoring Engagement2

​It’s no secret that working arrangements are changing. But what does the employment lifecycle look like in a virtual or remote setting? In our video series, Potentia Director, Julian Lambert, sits down with experienced People and Culture Advisor, Vanessa Radich to chat through it from start to finish.

This time, Vanessa sits down to share her advice on monitoring engagement virtually (in both formal and day-to-day settings).

How do we Monitor Engagement?

Vanessa explains that there are a couple of different elements to be considered when measuring engagement (which she defines as an emotional connection to the work/organisation). These elements are: day-to-day and formal.

Day-to-Day Engagement

She talks about day-to-day engagement being every bit of intentional communication you have on a day-to-day basis in the workplace. This could be anything from regular conversations between manager and employee, to your regular 1-1 slot in the diary.

Formal Engagement

Drawing on her experiences with Culture Amp, Vanessa chats about the importance of surveys to measure engagement. She discusses that the regularity is dependent on how agile an organisation is in responding to feedback, highlighting that the turnaround time between survey and results is crucial.

If you'd like to discuss any of the topics discussed in this video, I'd love to chat - reach out to me here!