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​Remote Working Video Series: Principles and Values

Remote Working   Values

​It’s no secret that working arrangements are changing. But what does the employment lifecycle look like in a virtual or remote setting? In our video series, Potentia Director, Julian Lambert, sits down with experienced People and Culture Advisor, Vanessa Radich to chat through it from start to finish.

It’s the final clip of our remote working video series, and Vanessa is sitting down with Julian to outline some of the key principles and values that virtual teams should be embracing. A massive shout out to Vanessa for all her knowledge and wisdom over the last couple of months – we’ve certainly learned a lot!

Principles and Values in a Remote Setting

Vanessa begins by sharing her views on a tool called the ‘Emotional Culture Deck’ – an honest and reflective exercise that gets leaders thinking about emotions at work. Talking about current rituals, behaviours and trends, she explains that organisations need to be considering what they’re doing to reinforce those emotions, and what is being done that goes against what is wanted. 

Trust. Trust. Trust. 

Throughout the discussion, Vanessa emphasises that everything has to come from a place from trust – you can’t see your people all day everyday, so it’s important to assume positive intent and come from a point of trust. She goes on to discuss the challenges involved with hybrid models, where there is a blend of in-office and remote working. Vanessa’s parting thoughts focus on treating each other like humans – not just another name on Slack or an unknown person behind a screen. 

If you'd like to discuss any of the topics discussed in this video, I'd love to chat - reach out to me here!