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4 Techweek Events You Don't Want To Miss!


About 3 years ago By Potentia

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​With Techweek2021 kicking off in less than two weeks' time, there are hundreds of events taking place all across New Zealand. This year, we're stepping up our game and hosting four events throughout the week (three in Auckland, one in Wellington) - so if you haven't got your Techweek plans sorted yet, make sure you check these out. There's something for everyone, from students to C-Suite...get amongst it, whānau!

Future Big Business: Build OR Buy Startups? | Auckland

In-house innovation. New digital products. New ways of working. Generally, large businesses have struggled to execute these initiatives well. Looking ahead, it is only becoming more important for the survival of established businesses. Is the answer to buy or build startups? This is one for enterprise digital transformers, founders, investors and venturists alike!

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Māori & Pasifika: Pursuing Tech & Digital Pathways | Wellington

There are a few things that are very close to our hearts, none more so than the need to play our part in creating equitable access to opportunity for all peoples. It’s no secret that the underrepresentation of Māori & Pasifika in the tech & digital industry is a major issue. But how do we bring the industry to the forefront, so it’s on the radar for our Māori and Pasifika rangatahi? One thing we know is the time for talking is over, so let’s put all our cards on the table and tackle the barriers head on, together.

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The Call to Contract: What Next? | Auckland

After everything this last year has thrown at us, we’ve certainly seen our fair share of uncertainty. The world of tech contracting is no different, with so many new concepts and ideas coming to light as a result of the pandemic. But what’s next? Whether you’re looking to make a move into contracting, an existing contractor keen to elevate your game or a hiring manager looking for insight into contract resources - this one is for you.

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Taitamariki Potentia: Students Solving Real-World Problems | Auckland

Those of you who joined us for Techweek last year might remember the World Cafe-style networking event that launched our youth community, #TaitamarikiPotentia. Well...we’re back with another World Cafe event but this time, we’re stepping it up. We're talking real world tech problems...and real world problem solving!

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