• Clara Courtin
  • Talent Manager

With a Master's degree in Business Development and Digital Media, Clara started her career as an apprentice in a Paris-based digital agency. It was here where she discovered the vast amount of opportunities in the tech world, leading to her first role as a Recruitment Consultant and Talent Advocate with a prominent international IT recruitment agency.

Relocating to New Zealand early 2019, Clara joined Potentia as a Talent Manager for our contracting team. In this role, she plays a massive role in the careers of tech professionals all over Auckland, sourcing, guiding and supporting them throughout the hiring process. Recruiting people across a diverse range of positions, Clara's particularly passionate about the digital field; including Frontend Developers, Mobile Developers and UX/UI Designers.

As someone that speaks not one, not two, but three different languages (English, French and Spanish!), Clara enjoys speaking with people from all sorts of different backgrounds across the globe.