• Derek Lowe
  • Associate Account Manager

​Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Derek spent most of his 20s working and traveling around the world. But in 2007, his adventures came to a halt when he stumbled upon the South Island of New Zealand. It was at this time that he decided he’d found a place worth sticking around for a while.

Two years later, a job in the public sector brought him to Wellington, where he learned about the mechanics of government – a move that would eventually lead him to a role designing and managing employment-focused government-funded training programmes.

Derek has always enjoyed people-centric work – networking as a means to support others to see through their goals. Having recently joined the Potentia whanau in November 2019, he is excited to continue following this path.

In his free time, Derek enjoys hanging out with his wife and three kids in the Wairarapa – a place he now calls home.