Embedded & Motor Firmware Engineer

Job type
The opportunity:

Rarely do you see a blend of edgy tech, a team bound by purpose to help people in an industry growing with the advent of automation. This team focuses on harnessing connectivity, integration and harvesting data for automation and integration for IoT.  Think of all of the millions of consumer devices used to create optimal CX in the retail and self-serve industries.  This is the market with clients that include the largest brands in the world using their products across the globe in a vast majority of countries.  The role of the Embedded and Motor Firmware Engineer  is to work with the physical products engineering team, to execute design and development processes to develop embedded firmware solutions for IOT physical products. You would also work with the physical products engineering team to develop high quality firmware for the control and operation of motors. This is your chance to grow your career like no other time and be part of one of New Zealand's established technology stars.

  Company profile:

International growth. A star-power list of international retail and consumer brand giants clamoring for partnerships and advocating their services. A growing number of businesses switch on to the power of this tech as the demand for data and integrated CX is demanded.  This homegrown product vendor is the newest business pushing the envelope in the application of new IoT solutions.  The product suite includes a number of components: devices, apps, web platforms and Data advancements.

The fit:
  • Develop and maintain embedded C and C++ software for WDTL IoT and Motor physical products.
  •  Apply good practice development principles (SOLID, Unit Testable).
  • Ensure source-code is well maintained under GIT based source control system.
  • Create automated tools (Python & Perl) for repetitive tasks and to support test automation.
  •  Actively contribute to create, log and update JIRA issue management system
  • Support and contribute to the development and maintenance of design documentation.
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of firmware development processes.
  • Undertake general maintenance and improvement of systems.
  • Apply best-practice firmware security methodologies.
  • Write technical documents and work procedures.
Motor Development:
  • Support firmware design for Mains powered, 3 phase DC brushless motor designs < 50W
  • Develop firmware solutions to achieve high power efficiency.
  • Unity Power factor IC control with firmware.
  • Test and validation using air flow chamber, dynamometer, and other motor test devices.
  • Regenerative braking and other motor design principles.
  • Real time firmware development.

You will need a diverse mix of skills and competencies to succeed in the role which covers software and motor development focused on C/C++ for embedded environments, as well as, EC/BLDC Motor operation and MCU control principles, control systems knowledge, DSP knowledge and the ability to read and interpret schematics.

Ref: 13844

This is an opportunity to join a high-powered and small development team that offers a highly complex product to global clients. Apply directly and we will reach out to you.