Full Stack Developer

Job type
NZD150000 - NZD155000 per annum
Why you would like it:
  • Strong financial backing
  • Get a chance to build a one of a kind solution with AI augmentation
  • A chance to get in early
The business:

With a track record of successful AI based ventures, this team is embarking on a product build that meets a very real product market. You will be working with world class Software Engineers and a team of AI experts to build a global SaaS tool that will save customers millions of dollars in time and resources. 

Your role:

As Software Engineer #2 to be hired  in NZ, you will help lay down the foundations for the platform and help to iteratively develop the product until the optimum product - market fit is achieved. 

The skills and experience we need you to bring:
  • Senior level Engineering capability with React and Node
  • Experience with AWS
  • Have used Typescript in a product build
  • Good understanding and experience with Automated testing approaches
  • Ability to work across the stack - top to bottom

If you have the skills described and are interested, then send us your CV now and we will give you a call to discuss the opportunity. 

REF: SNJO-2012-51875