Solution Architect: Digital Customer Experience

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Company profile:

Largest retailer in New Zealand is committed to digital enablement and transformation with $100M in capital funding dedicated to the efforts. Embarking on a significant change to the way its people work, the way it engages with its customers and the technology it uses. Welcome to the new world for this homegrown hero.

Much of this change is already underway with new ways of working proliferating throughout the business ridding themselves of the historic command and control leadership and shifting to Agile and servant leadership practices. The Digital and Technology teams are showing the way, embracing Agile teams and roles and flexible work arrangements. So far, this is proving successful and the team are engaged and productive. 

The opportunity:

Technology in place must be either optimised, augmented, integrated or replaced. The most urgent needs for the business are across five major transformation programmes that will bring the technology to the required state to deliver this business change. The two keys to success are enterprise architecture and governance coupled with the creation of an architecture practice catering to the specific domains. The initiatives requiring resourcing in this engagement are business-wide changes in:
  • Core systems replacement and optimization
  • Digital customer journeys
  • Service channel development and implementation
  • Salesforce augmentation and integration 

Role snapshot:

Working with the Chapter Leads, Tribe Leads, vendors and divisional GMs you will work to meld business and technology needs, focused on the horizon direction for huge uplift and capability in online and digital commerce demands. Working on a couple of the above initiatives, you'll be heading up the technology solution architecture and working with suppliers and in-house, teams to guide the direction and ensure fit-for-purpose design. More than likely this will be the OMS and WMS initiatives involved with omnichannel and online fulfillment at an enterprise scale. Think of a digital experience platform, thinking and governance that will be sustainable for the business in the near to mid-term, perhaps even for the long haul.

Your fit:

You'll have had experience as a Solution Architect, perhaps Enterprise Architect that has worked on large-scale strategic initiatives for local or international enterprises adopting new digital operating models and integrating complex applications suites. Preferably this will be a large platform ERP or Salesforce or E-commerce space. If you can bring the ability to create governance within digital environments and enterprise architecture and systematic thinking and approach to the development of enterprise technology, this will be hugely advantageous as this change os created for the business.

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Ref: JLJO-2012-51881