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Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson exudes energy and a life lived at pace. Considered a late digital bloomer, he left school, lived a lot and then decided university might be a good idea at age 30. But while he may have arrived at the party a little later than his peers with his Computer Science degree, he’s wasted no time putting it to great use building an impressive career.

Currently a Development Manager at MYOB, his favourite job to date, Andrew’s employment history reads like your dream CV. He’s worked for several billion dollar companies, enjoyed the benefits of both full time employment and contracting roles, been a team member, a leader and a manager. Andrew believes this is the result of the lesson Potentia taught him; to pay attention. To see not just a job but a career and opportunity. This advice has never left him.

You get the feeling that Andrew is just getting started. He thinks he stands out because of his stature (a former New Zealand bodybuilding title suggests he’s not wrong), but those that have worked with him know it’s his attitude, energy for progression and desire to share his knowledge that have seen him secure fantastic opportunities. No rest for the talented.