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Ena Sun

Ena Sun wants to talk about being the future of the technology and change sector; one where technical expertise intersects with social good and where there are no stereotypes. For someone so youthful, Ena has an enlightened and considered opinion on the current state of the IDT education programmes in New Zealand and the early years of employment.

Ena appears to relish in her fluid approach to her next career move, being willing to take the changes as they come but remaining simultaneously focused on the end goal. It’s her determined attitude, her resolve and fresh perspective that helped her successfully claim the Potentia Undergraduate Scholarship in 2016. Her aspiration is to be a software engineer who uses her expertise to innovate at the forefront of the start-up phenomenon and uses her skills for a greater good.

She is determined to succeed on merit, not sex, and despite what all the guys said at uni (you know, about waltzing into a job because every employer is prioritising hiring females), she finds the reality is a focus on fostering talent and a desire to see everyone reach their potential, regardless of gender. This, matched with her own desire to excel professionally, means she is working hard to lead by example and be part of an inclusive environment. And she will.