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Friday, July 10, 2015

Vanessa TuVanessa Tu has a Master’s Degree in Chemical and Materials Engineering from the University of Auckland and specialised in nano-mechanical testing. Through working as a tutor at the University of Auckland Vanessa realised that she loves working with people, which is the catalyst that brought her to the recruitment industry.

“We are really excited to welcome Vanessa to our Team as an Associate Talent Manager. With her enthusiasm and understanding of the tech world, she is a great addition to our permanent recruitment team.”

Please join me in welcoming Vanessa to the Potentia Team!

- Nathan Bryant-Taukiri, General Manager

View Vanessa Tu's staff profile.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sam and MegI’m excited to welcome our two new additions to the Potentia Contract Team as we scale our operations.

Sam Nowell joins us as an Account Manager bringing with him a wealth of experience in IT recruitment. Sam has an in-depth understanding of the IT industry and is well networked in the sector. Passionate about people, business and technology, Sam has navigated his way into a career in IT recruitment to further his interests in these domains.

Meg Manjunath recently completed her BA in Applied Science from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology majoring in industrial and organisational psychology. We are excited that Meg is looking at pursuing a career in IT recruitment to advance her passion with regards to all matters IT.

Please join me in welcoming both Sam and Meg to the Potentia Team!

- Abinesh Krishan, Client Strategy Director.


The single biggest job hunting paradox – why candidates have it all wrong by Livvy

Job Hunting and remunerationI’ve been perusing the LinkedIn 2015 report on talent and it makes for some interesting-ish reading. They state some key trends like;

70% of the global workforce is passively seeking a new role.

60% of people find new opportunities through online job boards, 56% through social professional networks and 50% through word of mouth.

49% (making it #1) of people state better compensation package as a top 3 factor when considering a new job.

As a recruiter who is personally (and through 20+ people) in the market every day, these trends merely put statistics around the movements that we’ve observed in the last few years. Namely; talent is now markedly skewed to the passive rather than active. To qualify this, active talent are those people that are trawling job boards, social media and LinkedIn who are putting their hand up saying “pick me”. These folk now make up only 30% of the total number of people who would take the ideal role – should it be offered to them.

But it’s only when you drill down on the numbers and look at motivations or drivers that things become interesting...

“Tell me about yourself” by Livvy

Interview questionThis can be one of the most dreaded questions poised to you in an interview. There is no real right or wrong answer, yet how you answer it will set the tone for the rest of the interview. As it’s such an open question it often throws people, unsurprisingly most people do not prepare for it. So when poised with the question one will think – what exactly do they want me to say here? What do they want to know? And then the panic sets in; some of you will freeze not being able to respond, start reciting every detail in your CV or worse turn into a rambling Michael Scott!

“Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way…” – Michael Scott (from the Office).

Whatever you do, don’t be a Michael Scott. So you ask, “what should I share when asked the ‘tell me about yourself’ interview question?”

My New Best Reference Question by Livvy

Reference questionWe all know the power of a great question right? The quality of the question will dictate the value of the interaction between salesperson, coach, manager or in this instance referee. Why in that case are references often just a boilerplate, and demand cookie cutter answers? Ignoring my mixed metaphors, what I want to stress is that the information you receive in a reference is ultimately ruled by the questions you ask.

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