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Friday, July 11, 2014

We are taking on the Corporate Sky Tower Challenge on August 1st to raise funds for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer. ‘Potentia Say No to Led Zeppelin’ team members are Sharon Jones, Livvy Bruce, Nathan Bryant-Taukiri, Ian Scott and Aksana Rusakova who will climb the 1103 stairs on behalf of Potentia, which is no easy challenge. However, it is nothing in comparison to what individuals with Leukaemia and Blood cancer are challenged with.


Friday, July 04, 2014

Shadow a Leader for a day On Tuesday, we took part in the AUT follower a leader day where two students shadowed our MD, Josh Comrie. The aim of the day was to give Auckland secondary students and AUT Faculty of Business and Law students the chance to follow a leader and see first-hand what it takes to succeed as one.


8 ways to help your productivity at work by Livvy

ProductivityWith the multitudes of distractions we face, notifications buzzing on your phone, pinging emails and high-pitched laughter from the latest office prank flowing across the open planned office, it's sometimes hard to imagine how one does focus, be productive and get any work done.

When I say 'be productive', I mean it in terms of how efficient you are at getting work done. For example, writing this blog post while attempting to defrost my fingers by clutching my coffee is a challenge in itself, let alone colleagues scootering around my desk, and 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams blasting (for the third time), to my bosses phone quacking (yes quacking) - it's all rather distracting and causes me to lose my train of thought. The result is low productivity. Read more for 8 ways to increase your productivity at work.

Surviving the restructure – what to do if you want to stay by Livvy

Which way to survivalIn continuation of last week’s instalment, it's Tuesday at 10.45am and you've just learnt that the company is about to restructure, and worse, your team and role is in the firing line.

If you DON’T want to lose your job (I’ll cover those who do want to lose it next week), no matter who you are you will go through a range of emotions (except people who have had an injury to the limbic system who lack emotions). You need to prepare yourself for the following range of emotions:

Surviving the restructure by Josh

Danger - redundancy aheadIt’s that moment in your career that you probably dread happening. “We’re having a company announcement on Tuesday at 10am, can everyone please make themselves available in the boardroom at this time. Attendance at this meeting is compulsory.” Depending on how you choose to handle things, this could be the dawn of a new and positive chapter in your life. Or it could see you become bitter and potentially an unemployable proposition.

We're proud to help educate and inspire today's youth about future options in the ICT Industry. We recently upgraded our sponsorship of ICT-Connect to Premier status; one of only three top level sponsors. We believe this clearly demonstrates our commitment to the industry.

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