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Preboarding: Keeping New Employees Engaged

About over 2 years ago By Potentia


So, you’ve hired someone new. But what happens during that awkward preboarding phase? You know that limbo period where the candidate has signed on the dotted line, but is still working out their notice period. It’s a crucial time in the relationship that often goes one of two ways: 

  • Your new hire feels comfortable with their decision to move, stays positive and can’t wait to get started.

  • They begin to have second thoughts, possibly being influenced by existing colleagues or even considering a counter offer (which is a whole other story!).  

As an employer, what can you do to give that new relationship a boost? It’s all about making your newbie feel part of the team in the few weeks leading up to their ‘official’ start.

Make it social

Whether it’s Friday drinks, a lunch/coffee date with the team, or maybe your next ‘forced fun’ work do, this is all about fast-tracking those crucial bonds with colleagues and managers. Of course, in person events are still a tricky obstacle at the moment, but we’re all used to that by now.   

Everyone loves a freebie

Welcome packs and free stuff always go down a treat. Branded t-shirts, folders, water bottles, a personal note from the team – whatever you might be sending their way, it’s a nice touch that tells your new employee you’re excited to have them start. 

Comms. Comms. Comms 

Whilst you don’t want to drown your new employee in information before they’ve even begun, it’s still a good idea to get them up to speed with relevant comms. It might be adding them to a specific Slack/Teams channel or including them in any “need to know'' team emails. It doesn’t even have to be work-related – it could just be a simple check-in to put their mind at ease.  

Think about L&D

This one may not always be feasible, especially if your new hire is short of time tying up loose ends and completing handovers in their previous role. But it’s the thought that counts. So, if you’re running any L&D sessions, webinars or any other internal training days/activities that would be relevant to their development, drop them a message.  

Keen to chat to someone about preboarding? Get in touch with one of our tech recruitment teams in Auckland and Wellington.