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We're merging with Crew Technology Recruitment!


​The paperwork is done and this week marks a new chapter for the Potentia whānau...we’re merging with the South Island's largest tech recruitment agency, Crew Technology Recruitment.

This is massive news for us (overnight we've become Aotearoa’s largest locally-owned tech recruitment business with 50+ people). But day-to-day, there is very little that changes externally. Potentia and Crew will:

  • Remain separate brands

  • Continue to be run by their existing leadership teams

  • Remain focused on their existing markets (Potentia covering the North Island, and Crew the South Island).

So, what's different? The big thing for us is national coverage. While Potentia has built up a strong brand in the North Island over the last couple of decades, it was practically non-existent down South with no boots on the ground. With Crew becoming a part of the Potentia whānau, we now have most of the country's tech hubs covered from four offices in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Why now?

We've been wanting to expand our footprint and enter the South Island market for quite some time, and joining forces with Crew allows us to enter the space without having to go through the difficult task of building up the Potentia brand from scratch in a new region. And with Crew having such an established brand in the South Island market already, it was a win-win.

What does this mean for candidates and clients?

The key message I want to get across is that nothing changes for our candidates and clients. Your experience with Potentia (and the consultants you work with) will remain exactly the same. While there will be no day-to-day changes, the merger does mean that you'll have better access to talent pools and jobs across - not just in the North Island but across all of Aotearoa.