• Claudy Quadri
  • Data Community Manager

Claudy, enthusiastic recruiter born and raised in France, looking for the best croissant in town but ideally finding the best role/match for you! 🥐🤠

What makes me unique in this market apart from being 6'1 tall and speaking French? My knowledge and interest in Data & Analytics. 🧐
For the last 5 years, I've been recruiting in the Data space, working on a variety of roles covering BI, data engineering, data science, data visualization and storytelling.
From Talent Manager to Data Community Manager within Potentia, I’ve been enjoying the challenges along the way ðŸ¤—
For me, recruitment is all about relationships! Over the years, I’ve met with many Data Specialists and Leaders, and built an amazing community. We drink coffee, we laugh, we talk Data and I’m so grateful to be learning from incredible humans every day! ðŸ˜ŠSo if you're searching for a new role or a fantastic data specialist or just want to talk about Analytics, let's get caffeinated together  ☕

 0204 194 2420