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Benefits of Contracting

With the technology industry continuing to be driven by the demand for contractors with domain expertise, along with the skills to navigate the change and transformation process, contracting has become a viable long-term career option for so many people. So, why move into contracting? There are a number of key benefits to doing so, including:

Work Flexibility

The contract market is going from strength to strength, which means you can be confident in securing the contracts you want, when you want them. Need a month or two off before starting your next one? The nature of contracting means you have the flexibility to pick and choose those roles that suit your situation.

Career Development

Looking to strengthen your insight, experience and skill set? Contracting provides you the opportunity to do all three by getting involved in innovative projects and gaining exposure to new areas of the industry. On top of that, with a lot of contracts focusing on collaboration and partnerships, it’s not uncommon to get your foot in the door of other exciting opportunities.

Pay Rates

Given the nature of working as a contractor in the tech market, contract roles can be a lucrative option. Remember that contractors don’t have access to things like annual leave and sick leave, so be sure to take into account any non-monetary benefits and research the market rates before jumping in (Potentia’s 2019 Remuneration Report may be useful here).


Being a contractor, you’re exposed to a range of experiences that naturally come from being a part of different organisations, systems and projects over time. With the freedom to move between contracts, you will find yourself immersed in different work cultures and styles. As well as creating more adaptability, it also helps you to discover the work environments that you prefer.

Experience Different Projects and Cultures

The nature of being a contractor means you’ll continually be exposed to all sorts of projects and cultures. This broad range of experience certainly keeps things interesting, as you move from contract to contract!

Want to hear about your contracting options? Get in touch with Potentia’s contracting team for the latest opportunities and current market rates (in Auckland and Wellington).