Chief Product Officer

Job type
280-340k pa + exec package
Company profile:
A phigital product business that has achieved global domination in the fickle but passionate world of minted collectibles. Star Wars, MLB, Harry Potter, UFC, among other global brands licence these folk to build a premium offering in precious metal cards, coins, bespoke memorabilia fuelling an investment, bragging rights and super-fan exclusivity ecosystem.  Think millions of actively engaged online customers in a global community, fixated on what new product will shine through or be in once-only, limited release. To agonise over, fight for the right to secure, to covet the latest piece of priceless treasures.  

Right now:
Their next step is to build a digital community and set of products, ecosystems, and phigital engagement to enrich their community of avid fans.  In you step!  Here is the chance to create, market and deliver new products to market with your licensed customer brands and communities, building world-first experiences for an audience of highly engaged fans as the Chief Product Officer. 

The role:
So how will you achieve this? With a crack team of high-growth leaders and a stock of relationships and IP, you’ll own Product.

The leadership revolves around three key areas of outputs:

Product strategy & mindsets: Develop and execute a refined product strategy. Lead your team and stakeholders into a deeper product mindset and management framework.  Hero and influence the customer and the product portfolio to be at the centre of the decision-making in the business.

Product marketing & commercial leadership: Generate and leverage IP in the ideation of new products. Predict customer needs and trends through data and info analysis and synthesis.  Build product pricing, resource allocation, investment plans, JV opportunities and forecasting.

Product development & delivery: Iterate on existing product development and delivery systems.  Implement performance and milestone metrics to increase predictability and value definition.Tune the engine of delivery.

Your fit:
The ideal set of skills for this role is unlikely to exist in one person given how new and individual this business and its phigital product set are. However, there are a few hallmarks which will lend you an advantage: 

LEADERSHIP: Product executive or leadership for a multi-million dollar product portfolio, preferably with global coverage. 
PRODUCT: Blend of creation and delivery of high-value products (with virality?) with commercial success and metrics you can point to.
CUSTOMERS: Experience with a community of customers (B2C or DTC), emotively engaged, online communities, MNC brand exposure and/or a product with a digital management or platform behind it.
GROWTH: A desire to set the world on fire and build a revolution in the collectibles space, driven by new customers, new communities and a gamification of the ecosystem you’ll be part of building.

If you haven’t got it all, that’s ok. It does require bona fide leadership experience to be successful in it.  Come ask some questions.  This is a role that will only come around once every ten years or so in New Zealand, so get involved for a 2024 start.

For more information please contact Sarah to discuss this opportunity on or apply now.