Cloud Architect

Job type
NZD180000 per annum
Why you would like it:
- Lead pivotal digital transformations in a fintech environment
- Drive security and compliance forward in cloud solutions
- Forge paths toward technological advancements
- Work in a role where strategy meets action
- Influence and mentor a team passionate about cloud tech
The opportunity:
Imagine being at the helm of cloud architecture in a space where technology intersects with financial services, where your decisions and strategic vision are keystones to the innovation and delivery of top-tier services. You've got an eye for both the present and the future, crafting not just a platform but a springboard for what's next in the fintech world.
Company profile:
Join a leading entity in the fintech payments sector that thrives on smart, strategic progress. Here, the culture is distinguished by technical acumen, a commitment to continuous learning, and a collaborative spirit that fuels digital transformation. The team you'll work with is agile, focused on business enablement, and champions environmentally sustainable and efficient cloud solutions.
The role:
You'll be making waves in:
- Strategically designing and implementing cloud solutions that resonate with our company's initiatives
- Steering the digital ship through migrations with a focus on performance and security
- Keeping a pulse on emerging cloud technologies to keep us ahead of the curve
- Sharing your knowledge and inspiring continuous improvement in our cloud journey

Mandatory requirements:
● Strong knowledge of cloud services (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and experience in implementing solutions using these platforms.
● Proficiency in cloud security principles and technologies.
● Good understanding of enterprise architecture frameworks (e.g., TOGAF, Zachman)
● PCI Compliance Knowledge: Strong understanding of PCI standards and requirements, including the ability to design and manage cloud architectures that adhere to these standards.
● Familiarity with containerisation and orchestration technologies (e.g.Docker, Kubernetes)

Your fit:
If you're boasting a Bachelor’s in Computer Science or a similar field, with 6+ years in the cloud computing trenches, and you're adept with AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud with a sprinkling of security and enterprise architecture wisdom, you're the one we want. Couple that with a fintech-flavoured background, a knack for managing high-volume payment systems, and an arsenal of cloud certifications, and you're practically already part of the team.
This is a fantastic opportunity for the right person. If you're looking to join a top-class organisation with great development opportunities, please apply below.