Head of Digital Product & Delivery

Job type

Bondafide adoption of contemporary ways of working and people-led digital shift into new world of operations

Why you'd like it

  • Large digital transformation in NZ

  • Automate seaamless ops using robotics, data & digital

  • Experienced leadership in place to drive

Company profile:

You don a high-vis vest, a hard hat and maybe wipe sweat from your brow at day's end.  This may not be the type of business you expect to see break the status quo and embark upon a digital transformation, now, of all times.  But it's happening.  In Digital, you may not require the safety equipment, but this is what the business does: Supply chain, automation and soon enough, digital products.  

Why now

One of NZ's largest industrial operators, embracing contemporary ways of working, use of digital innovation and leveraging partnerships to create alternative revenue streams and products.  Think, innovation, automation and productization combined to shift to apex-standard global business models of operation and commercial strategic positioning.  Among lofty goals, they will integrate customers, suppliers and partners in a marketplace setting, where ideas are born, shared and built upon to create real value and cohesion.  That's a lot of buzzwords, I know, but the support, talent and delivery capability will make it a reality.  Leadership in place has done it before.

Your role

Leadership of the product and delivery as the organisation embarks upon its journey.
Ownership of the product and productization strategy and roadmap  Build out your team to meet the demands relating to customer knowledge, partnership research, commercialisation and product delivery and management practices.
Drive new ways of working and delivery practices focused on bringing products and ventures to market and adoption forthwith.  Create cohesive delivery function that works with business and peers to meet strategic and programme milestones.

The fit

Emerging from a background in leadership in an enterprise product capacity, you will understand digital change and how to drive adoption of product thinking.  With a path of success in bringing new products to market in an industrial or large organisation, creating significant alternative revenue streams and/or delivering value to the business and its customers.

The Product & Delivery aspects of the role are separate but intertwined with the success of this strategy hinged on understanding customers needs and building viable products and provisioning the predictable delivery of them.

Lead the vision, the people, the deliver and the product strategy.

For more information, please connect with Julian@potentia.co.nz

Ref: JLJO-2005-51417