Mobile Developer (iOS/Android)

Job type
$110,000 - $130,000 per annum

The opportunity:

Rarely do you see a blend of edgy tech, a team bound by purpose building a product for an industry that truly was open for a disruption - cliche but true. And here it is. The need to complement current capabilities and achieve a critical mass of mobile software knowledge has led to a need for a new Senior Mobile Engineer. This is not a salvage job as the team is performing well. It's a growth proposition. The opportunity is for an effective, contemporary senior engineer who understands sophisticated mobile software across both core platforms, iOS and Android. This kind of engineer will allow the team to hit their true world-class potential. This engineer will be able to communicate effectively and help to provide some form of technical leadership and guidance (especially in iOS) to the less senior members of the team. The result of this? Even happier customers, and interesting technical challenges

Company profile:

Founded by two kiwis who saw the opportunity to digitize an analog & paper-based industry putting real-time, tech power into the hands of their customers. Now their prospective customers are clamoring to bring the productivity gains this software provides into their businesses leading to ramping growth. This has led to an ever-expanding customer and sales team in North Carolina already led by a US Director. Given the scale of this opportunity, this business has employed and acquired an executive team renowned for the successful growth of some of NZ's most recently listed tech sector sharemarket darlings. They've built a company from scratch that leveraged technology and strong industry knowledge leading them to recently win Start-up of the year at the NZ Hi-Tech Awards among other trophies and accolades. The first versions of the products are doing well, but the requirements to scale and bring new features to the market to meet the hungry demands fo their customers are increasing.

Role snapshot:

The journey of growth and change this business has been on has been radical. And it's not slowing down. This Senior Engineer role has emerged to build new software and provide technical oversight and horsepower to build great apps.

The role breaks down into four core components:

  1. Technical guidance - work with the leadership and product team to best challenge and build new software

  2. Delivery - work with VP and team to create deliverable features

  3. Engineering - build new software across both iOS and a little Android and oversee

  4. DevOps - help then team to refine and govern their DevOps systems

The fit:

To be able to fulfill this role you will be driven by the opportunity to build great software, specifically across mobile platforms. You'll celebrate kiwi product development and fast-growth, homegrown success stories, getting behind the purpose and goals of the business and team. Emerging from a background in mobile engineering, you will have rolled out successful, scalable mobile software and be keen on simple, customer-centric apps. Growth opportunities are ever-present in this business in all capacities so if you want to strengthen your development capability and join a rocket-ship business expanding fast, here is your opportunity.

Technical checklist:
DevOps and CI/CD maturity

For more information please contact Julian to discuss this position on or apply now.

Ref: JLJO-2009-51677