Technical Lead

Job type
NZD150000 - NZD160000 per annum
Why you would like it:
- Make your mark leading savvy dev teams
- Steer innovative product development
- Nurture and grow technical talent
- Flexible approach to modern Agile methods
- Be the hub in a multi-disciplinary R&D wheel.
- .Net C## and web based experience required, along with knowledge of APIs and web integration. 

The Opportunity:
You're not just leading; you're setting the course for quality and innovation.
A Development Lead at the core of our Research & Development efforts, where agility isn't just jargon, it's the DNA of the team. With your guidance, they’re not just meeting customer needs; they’re anticipating them. The time is ripe for someone who can blend technological know-how with an authentic leadership style to build not just software, but a cohesive unit that thrives on generating impactful solutions.

Company Profile:
Join a team where 'Research & Development' is more than a department – it’s the playground where ideas come to life. A place where your voice counts, and your leadership helps shape the direction of their journey. The culture is a blend of serious tech chops with a side of genuine camaraderie. Imagine nurturing a squad of coding enthusiasts and QA detectives in a setting that’s as focused on its people as it is on its products.

The Role:
As a Development Lead, you’re the architect of the dev team’s success. You won’t just manage – you'll mentor, ensuring your team’s growth mirrors the sophistication of the code they craft. From daily stand-ups to sprint retrospectives, your role is pivotal in fostering a culture that empowers continuous delivery and innovation. By encouraging skills development and providing clear, constructive feedback, you'll craft a team that’s not only high-performing but also high-spirited.

Your Fit:
You’ve clocked up the hours in the dev trenches and risen through the ranks with your technical acumen. Leadership is your forte, and you find fulfillment in helping others exceed their expectations. Agile methodologies? You’ve lived them. Quality code? You demand it. If your ideal environment is one where you can heighten customer impact through innovation and collaborative efforts, it's time to step up.

Take a leap into a role where you’re more than a lead – you’re a catalyst for change, a mentor for the ambitious, and the linchpin in a world-class dev operation. If you're ready to guide a team towards undiscovered potentials and craft software that makes a tangible difference, we’re keen to hear from you. Apply now and let's start the conversation.

REF: BH15005