VP Product

Job type
NZD250000 - NZD300000 per annum, Benefits: + ESOP + sweet benefits
The opportunity:

Datatech, Fintech, now for the new Product exec.  The last three years has seen the business flying high with global expansion from a strong base of customers across NZ and Australia and into Europe and the US.  Multiple accolades won and powerful partnerships built with the global accounting heavy weights here and abroad.  Coupled with the strong uptake of the Fintech offering,  the new data suite has taken off.  Providing a rich predictive and insights tools package, customers can visualize trends and augment decision making for their businesses where this has never been possible before in their industry.  Ever.  A unique and powerful data asset is being built that will provide its customers and partners unfair advantage for years to come.  Who are these global customers?  Those that need the help in this uncertain climate environment.  Agriculturalists, farmers those that grow our food.  A Product leader needs to join and guide the next phase of growth.

Work with the founders, engineering and design, and you'll have the chance to grow your career like no other time and be part of one of New Zealand's success stories that ain’t making donations or accounting software.

Company profile:

From challenger contrarian scrappy player, to a business model that has the banks and big cats of data looking over their shoulder.  International growth. Experienced track-record execs and a growing audience who’ve demanded great Cx, and got it.  The product suite includes a number of components: apps, data engine and ML, web platforms and integration advancements. This product portfolio offers opportunities for brand new thinking for new product prototypes. 

Product Exec Leadership:

The journey of growth and change for this business to has been proud and ongoing work.  Growth of the business and new products requires an executive leader role to empower the engineering leaders and product peeps, build greater cohesion within the teams and streamline delivery through predictable systems.  The chance to own both Product and Engineering, but Product is the must.

The role breaks down into four core components:

Product strategy: dream and define a rallying vision, garner insights and knowledge to build confidence in marriage of product and engineering; commercial to technical

People leadership: growth and management of your new teams and leaders & their professional development

Delivery leadership: strategic thinking and grunt to better define predictable systems to meet milestones/achievable goals, orchestrate through your team leads and relationships with other parts of the business 

Commercial leadership: Work with your ELT and key leaders and boffins, ensure that the commercial goals are met with the technology innovation and planning

The fit:

To be able to fulfill this role you will be driven by the opportunity to influence the direction of a product development business and its strategic product, technology and commercial roadmap.  You’ll thrive in the challenge of growth and want to see the impact of your teams and products on customers. You'll also love rapid prototyping and experimentation creating and leading inter-team collaboration.

You’ll celebrate the opportunity to win the hearts and minds of your team and grow them, igniting a sense of purpose for the company’s vision. Emerging from a product and technical business or background in an executive role for a technology vendor, you’ll be ready for a bigger role than you are in now.  Growth and scaling of a software vendor in B2B or B2C products or similar product development sphere.  You don’t need a Fintech background.

Reporting directly to the founder you'll marry people, technology and delivery leadership and want to create a culture of excitement and purpose within a new role in a new business.

For more information please contact Julian to discuss this opportunity on julian@potentia.co.nz or apply now.

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