Web3 Engineer

Job type

Altered State Machine

Altered State Machine is a platform for the creation and training of A.I. Agents, owned and traded using NFTs, and interoperable across the Metaverse.

The protocol enables anyone to own an A.I, and the machine learning models that define what it learns over time. Owners pair an NFT intelligence (a Brain) with NFT artwork (a Form), to create their Agent.

The game

AIFA (Artificial Intelligence Football Association), is the first game for Altered State Machine. We’re creating it to show the potential of the ASM protocol. It’s the first of many games, created by ourselves and others, that will use the platform. Check it out!

The job

Altered State Machine are looking for motivated and proven Web3 Engineers.

You will work with the team to cohesively and correctly build out Web3 features for the protocol and the game. 

We are open to you joining as a contractor initially (6 months), however the long-term vision and preference of the team is to have talent in fixed-term agreements. Earning a mixture of $ and $ASTO. 

The skills and experience we need you to bring:

Experience designing, delivering and supporting high volume smart contracts.

Ability to design smart contracts to minimise gas costs to users 

Ability to contribute to a high profile protocol launch including, a governance DAO, ERC20 Token, ERC721/1155 NFT drops

Confidence in designing critical, high value contracts for token vesting, liquidity mining and play-to-earn gaming.

Strong communication skills and highly effective when working with a team

Experience working on at least 1 high volume ethereum blockchain project

This is a new frontier being forged in the Web3 space, and is supporting the undeniable growth of the gaming Metaverse with new and exciting possibilities. It’s a great chance to join a motivated team who have been careful and deliberate to ensure they focus on an open and supportive culture while building the future. 

If you feel like jumping on board or exploring the opportunity further, then please send us your CV or portfolio so we can review your experience and reach out to discuss.