Taitamariki Potentia

Off the back of our commitment to local universities, we launched 'Taitamariki Potentia' in July 2020. Headed up by our annual scholar, Taitamariki Potentia is a student-led tech community, created with the sole aim of bridging the gap between university and employment.

For us, it’s all about empowering young people (studying in technical disciplines) to navigate the challenges associated with breaking into the industry. Through regular meetups and events in Auckland, we’re able to maintain a vibrant and diverse community where students of all backgrounds have direct access to the resources, connections and advice they need to help with their next career step.

Looking for the chance to connect with experienced tech professionals, employers and recruiters (not to mention other students that are facing the same challenges you are)? Reach out to us or keep an eye out on LinkedIn for upcoming events!