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Personal effectiveness coaching: my experience

Jacinta Hawken

About 6 years ago By Jacinta Hawken

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When I was younger I played a lot of sport. Over the years I was fortunate enough to have some amazing coaches who made me a better player, equipped me with the knowledge I needed to keep improving, and instilled habits that have lasted a lifetime. So why don’t we make better use of coaches in our careers and personal lives?

As part of Potentia’s service we offer personal effectiveness coaching sessions to all candidates placed into permanent roles, especially during those early days while settling into their new role. Lucky for me I have access to Gayle’s expertise too, and since joining the Potentia whanau in November I’ve had the privilege of being coached by Gayle on a monthly basis. Three one-hour phone calls over a three-month period doesn’t sound like a lot but the changes I’ve experienced in that time have been profound!

Prior to starting the coaching session I had some pretty negative internal dialogue going on, around my ability (or lack thereof) to set and achieve goals. To me, goals were big, lofty aspirational things that required methodical planning and meticulous execution - not easy for someone who is not naturally methodical or meticulous! I felt I wasn’t a goal setter, that there are people out there who are but I just wasn’t one of them. Instead, I was destined to just roll through life like a tumbleweed.

Fact: not true.

Working with Gayle has helped me recognise I DO set goals and I DO achieve them - my days and weeks are filled with them in fact! With Gayle’s guidance I have learned to stop and celebrate all achievements, regardless of how big or small I previously labelled them.

In the last three weeks, simply being aware and knowing that I have set and achieved goals has caused a ripple effect. The change has been profound and I barely know myself anymore - in a good way! Smashing goals and taking time to acknowledge that moment is making me set and smash more goals. I might be addicted to goal smashing!

I’m back running again for the first time in years, regularly attend the gym and yoga classes, and I get up at 5:30am every morning for ‘me time’. I’m making conscious decisions about what I eat and drink (see ya later Friday night gin!), and I’ve developed a night time routine to give myself time to wind down and clear my busy mind before my head hit the pillow. I’ve booked in some road trips and have even started planning a bucket list trip I’ve always dreamed about. I’m doing lots of these things with my friends so I’m investing more time in my friendships too, all while ticking things off my “fill-up my cup” list. I’m busier than ever but the acknowledgement and celebration of all my achievements is fuelling me with more energy and patience for my whanau.

How is this affecting my work?

When you’re a working mamma you can do amazing things already (we are!) but having more energy, less guilt and a sense of achievement before I even start my day has created a rhythm of achievement in every aspect of my life, including work. Knowing I can achieve whatever I set my mind to - even in the smallest ways - is empowering, and focusing on the outcome and the success at the end instead of the struggle to get there is a life changing skill I now have forever. Thanks Gayle!