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Wellbeing Discovery

The first few months of a new job can be an emotional experience. There’s a lot going on; with new people and processes, unexpected surprises and other pressures to deal with, it’s a stressful and demanding time that can take its toll. We want to do everything we can to make sure you are happy (and successful) in your new role. That’s why every Potentia candidate we place into a new role benefits from a unique wellbeing discovery programme with our in-house wellbeing discovery expert. The confidential sessions help affirm wins, clarify challenges and set goals – one more way we help you on your career journey.

Why wellbeing discovery?

Wellbeing discovery is a proactive way of enhancing your self awareness, and identifying:

  • Where you are now – what areas are working well (strengths) and what areas could benefit from more intervention

  • Where do you wantto be and timeframes for achieving this

  • How you are going to get there – by using a creative, rational and emotional mind to tap into our own wisdom

How our wellbeing discovery sessions work?

Completely self managed, each session lasts approximately 30 minutes and is conducted over the phone. Simply book in a slot with our in-house wellbeing expert, Gayle Johnston, as and when you need support.

To learn more about our wellbeing discovery sessions or how we might be able to help you on your career journey, get in touch with the team.