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Personal Effectiveness Coaching

While connecting you with the latest tech opportunities will always be our core offering, we understand that the first few months of a new job can be an emotional experience. There’s a lot going on; with new people and processes, unexpected surprises and other pressures to deal with, it’s a stressful and demanding time that can take its toll. We want to do everything we can to make sure you are happy (and successful) in your new role. That’s why every Potentia candidate we place into a new role benefits from a unique personal effectiveness coaching programme with our in-house coach. The three confidential coaching sessions help affirm wins, clarify challenges and set goals – one more way we help you on your career journey.

Why coaching?

Coaching is a key component to ensuring that your skills (both practical and personal) can be applied into your life and employment situations. Helping you to perform in the best possible way, coaching enhances your awareness of:

  • Your self confidence and belief in your ability to perform

  • Your interpersonal skills – in order to work as an effective team member 

  • Goal-setting and the determination to succeed 

  • Self care and stress management

  • Identifying  any personal issues that may be ‘road blocks’ and holding you back

  • Time management – looking at creative ways to work with this

  • Your career path and the journey towards achieving your goals

How our coaching sessions work?

While the structure of the coaching sessions is flexible, our offering incorporates a series of three one-on-one sessions with our in-house coach. Each session lasts approximately one hour and is conducted over the phone.

Throughout the coaching experience, you can count on:

  • The comfort of a confidential process, which is paramount to any client/coach relationship.

  • The whole coaching process being permission-based, meaning if you don’t want to explore a certain area, then your wishes will be respected.

To learn more about our coaching services or how we might be able to help you on your career journey, get in touch with the team.