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Potentia awards 2019 computer science scholarship


About over 5 years ago By Potentia


​The prestigious 2019 University of Auckland Potentia Undergraduate Scholarship in Computer Science has been awarded to Ryan Martin-Gawn.

Now in its seventh year, our scholarship partnership with the Computer Science Department attracted a large number of talent applicants making it more competitive than ever. The decision making process was so difficult that, for the first time, the Potentia Board extended the programme to two additional deserving candidates – Alexandra Fowler and Nicholas Howe. Together this trio represent an amazing cadre of students who will emerge as technology leaders from the University of Auckland - and at Potentia, we are privileged to be party to their progress.

Recognising the significance of our partnership, the Dean of the Faculty of Science at the University Professor John Hosking noted that “the Faculty of Science and the Department of Computer Science in particular are most appreciative that Potentia continues with this long-standing tradition of supporting the University and students in such a proactive manner. We are most impressed with the additional catalogue of opportunities extended to the Scholars and the wider University community that this partnership provides”. Throughout the selection process, all recipients were extremely articulate and demonstrated a wide variety of extracurricular interests that aptly demonstrated their well-roundedness.

Apart from providing financial assistance to a Bachelor of Science student enrolled in software development, the scholarship also prepares the recipients for life after university and entering the job market by giving a Graduate-in-Residence opportunity to leverage the wider Potentia ecosystem. More can be found out about the entry criteria and selection process on the University of Auckland website.

“In this world of technologically-driven exponential change, Potentia is well placed to help students in their career journeys,” says Nathan Bryant-Taukiri, Managing Director of Potentia Limited. “Our close partnership with the University and the Faculty is fundamental to this end and our ability to build student confidence and assist their employment readiness is most rewarding.”

We welcome Ryan, Alexandra and Nicholas to the Potentia whanau and congratulate them and wish them a successful scholastic year!

Pictured: Alexandra Fowler, Ryan Martin-Gawn and Nicholas Howe