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Remote Working Video Series: Tools and Processes

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​It’s no secret that working arrangements are changing. But what does the employment lifecycle look like in a virtual or remote setting? In our video series, Potentia Director, Julian Lambert, sits down with experienced People and Culture Advisor, Vanessa Radich to chat through it from start to finish.

We’re back with another video snippet from our remote working video series, and this time Vanessa chats to Julian about 15Five and some of her other must-have tools and processes (when it comes to creating effective communication and accountability within remote teams). 


Vanessa starts by explaining her views on 15Five, a powerful performance management tool she’s used throughout her career; covering many of its features and how it can help the manager:employee relationship in virtual settings. 

Back to Basics

Even with tools like Slack (where communications can get lost very easily), teams need to know what’s expected. Vanessa touches on the importance of having clear guidelines – ensuring everyone is on the same page. 

Powerful Processes

When asked about any powerful processes she has come across, Vanessa explains something that Airbnb had implemented: “elephants, dead fish and vomit”. This is a set of questions that a manager could ask at any point:

  • Elephants – What’s the elephant in the room? What is it that people aren’t saying? What’s super obvious, but not being called out? 

  • Dead Fish – What is an old problem that is still hanging around the business?

  • Vomit– this is word vomit. Do you have something to say? Do you want to say it in a totally safe space, with no judgement? Just get it out there.

If you'd like to discuss any of the topics discussed in this video, I'd love to chat - reach out to me here!