Operations Manager

Job type
$130,000 - $150,000 per annum

Company Profile:
Building global from day one is a mantra of future successes who know they will make their customers' industry better off through brave ideas and scaled execution. This business has decided to harness AI, Machine Vision and the power of large-scale integration to transform the multibillion-dollar industry of retail. A homegrown brain-child of a young star entrepreneur, already they have attracted deep international funding to position them to change the paradigm of shopping and paying for purchases in brick and mortar retail.

Why now?
Already these products and ideas have caught the eye of the third largest and most convenience minded consumers in the world - Japan. Partnering with the multi-billion dollar retail industry heavyweight based there, already the first customers are onboard and revenue and team growth is catching up. Part of the solution is the focus on clever and edgy integration and software and the development and manufacture of devices. 

Your role
As the business scales, the delivery processes and operational requirements will need to meet it. This business''s solutions is made up of a number of components, all with differing requirements. The software side is SaaS, coupled with mechanically engineered housing and packaging as well as hardware components with PCBs and cameras. Customers require multiple rollouts simultaneously offshore through the international team. Alongside the CEO, there will be internal operations duties that will pop up. At least there will be variety!

What you bring
Given the wide range of responsibilities, you'll enjoy the opportunity to dip into various operational and customer delivery functions. You'll set objectives with the teams and optimize processes and costs for delivery and function. You'll have worked within a technology products company, working with offshore manufacturers and integrated hardware/software products for a growth or scaling business.

Comfort with a changing and shifting autonomous role will hold you in good stead.

For more information please contact julian@potentia.co.nz

Ref: JLJO-2003-51314